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3rd Party API Integration

API integration with expressPay is the best deal for business owners. Give your customers a priceless payment experience when they pay for goods and services. Our API integration works across multiple platforms and also accepts both card and mobile money payments.

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Scan to Pay (Quick Response Codes)

Contactless payments are the new cool! Explore exciting ways to make and receive payments using our Unique QR codes. We deploy QR decals on behalf of merchants to enable their customers easily scan these codes and make payments for goods and services.

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Bill Payments

Bill Payments made convenient! This is a service which provides businesses with the ability to generate bills for their customers to make payment of what is due. expressPay provides bill pay services to Banks, Utility services providers and more.

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Point of Sale Devices

expressPay has Android POS devices which are able to initiate and accept mobile money payments, NFC payments via mobile phones and NFC enabled cards along with the traditional card plastics.

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Bulk Payments

Have you ever had to pay hundreds of suppliers at the same time, without an error? It’s a daunting task, yet companies must do it to keep operating efficiently. Get your file well formatted and let expressPay handle the transaction via a single click.

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We keep all the options open for our merchants to cover the various sectors of the market and that’s what makes us the best at what we do. USSD solutions work with every mobile network and this makes it possible for our merchants to receive payments via our USSD code.

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