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Chargeback Policy

What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is a reversal of a credit card transaction by your bank. Chargebacks are usually performed when fraudulent purchases have been made on a person’s credit card. You can initiate such a request if you find a charge on your account that you did not authorize, or a charge for an item that you did not receive. If you need to request a chargeback, please contact us first so we can help you resolve the issue. In most cases, our refund policy is the appropriate route to take instead of a chargeback request.

How does expressPay handle Chargebacks?

When expressPay receives a chargeback notice, the account from which the service was purchased is immediately blocked, and all associated services in the account are suspended. Without additional information, our policy is to treat chargebacks as a result of fraudulent activity. As a result, expressPay will suspend your account and send you email and/or text notification, requesting that you contact us to resolve the issue and reactivate your expressPay account. expressPay will evaluate all chargebacks requests. In cases where it is deemed to be fraudulent, the case will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

How do I cancel a Chargeback?

To undo a chargeback, you must contact your bank to issue a chargeback reversal. Please contact expressPay to inform us when the reversal is initiated so we can make a note on your account.